How Sports Are Key to Empowering Women

September 05, 2019

How Sports Are Key to Empowering Women

Sports have an undeniable way of empowering women. This empowerment was on full display in the summer of 2019 when the U.S. women's soccer team won the World Cup in France. From boosting confidence levels to presenting strong role models, women in sports are leading the way for the next generation. Here are three ways that sports are key to empowering women.

Biologically Empowering

The science of empowerment starts at the biological level. Participating in athletics can boost confidence and self-esteem, providing a powerful tool for self-fulfillment. There is a potent realization that comes from setting a goal and then achieving it. Whether it be completing a triathlon, achieving a new swimming personal record or winning a championship, seeing your dreams become a reality as a result of your sweat and tears provides a strong motivation at the most basic biological level. This empowerment is then carried over to other aspects of your life, including career and family goals.

Pros Make Good Role Models

While women's pro sports traditionally aren't as highly regarded as those of men, that is quickly changing as people are taking notice of this injustice. As female athletes fight for more exposure and equal pay, they are being thrust into the spotlight at increasing rates. Having a positive role model to look up to inspires younger female athletes to keep working toward their goals. Looking at professional female athletes as role models can help you to feel comfortable in your skin.

Empowerment Starts at a Young Age

Young girls who grow up playing sports are naturally more confident and self-assured than their peers who do not participate in athletics. Female student-athletes have been shown to perform better in school, and they are more likely to graduate high school than those who do not play sports. These girls also learn valuable life skills such as teamwork, how to work well with others and how to set goals and reach them. The physical activity that comes with playing sports also helps girls to relieve stress and enables them to deal with the rigors of life more easily. All of these benefits combine to empower a woman to become a better version of her current self while inspiring those around her.


Society has made great strides over the years in enabling more women to become involved in sports. Continuing this emphasis will encourage future generations to use sports as a vehicle for empowerment.

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