What Can I Do to Empower Myself and Other Women at Work?

September 13, 2019

What Can I Do to Empower Myself and Other Women at Work?

As a career woman, it is your responsibility to continually try to empower your colleagues. Savvy female business leaders understand the great value of female empowerment both for themselves and for those around them. Here are three things that you can do to empower yourself and the other women in your place of business.

Build Positive Working Relationships

Building positive working relationships between the women in your workplace will empower them in their professional endeavors and in a variety of other situations. This type of positive interaction promotes better productivity, and it will also inspire women to develop lasting relationships. You can promote this type of working environment by encouraging cooperation, planning social outings and putting women into situations in which they operate together as a team to reach a common goal. Not only will the women themselves benefit from this positive business atmosphere, but the company as a whole will also reap the rewards.

Speak Up

One of the most intimidating challenges for women in the workplace is the threat of harassment of any kind. Speaking up about harassment can help reduce its occurrence and protect current and would-be victims from further instances. You can empower women to speak up about wrongdoing if they feel assured that they will not be punished. To encourage women to not be silent, your human resource department should have a visible plan in place to handle these types of situations. Knowing that there is an official policy will embolden people to put aside their fears and say something. It is also a good idea to hold regular meetings in which the entire workforce is informed of the consequences of harassment.

Be a Mentor

A mentorship program is a proven tool to empower women in the workplace. Females who are just beginning their career path will benefit greatly from having a mentor to guide them and provide support. Establishing an official mentorship program at your organization will ensure that nobody will fall through the cracks. For your mentors, choose women who have already broken through gender barriers. These women will be an invaluable source of advice and encouragement for those around them.

Being a supportive colleague to the other females in your organization will go a long way in building up everyone around you. Strong and empowered women are a valuable asset to any organization. They should be appreciated and protected.

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